It’s All Good

It’s All Good!<

Genesis 50:20

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (the story of Joseph)

I’m looking back on an aftermath of deceit, betrayal, and deliberate harm that done against me by those I trusted. It reminds me of the story of Joseph with his brothers. Some of these people in my life didn’t know better, some of these people should have known better but did things anyway, and some of these people have become so deceived by their own ego that they have started believing their own lies and have justified their actions, never looking deep into the betrayal and harm they had done to me and probably countless other people. Their end motive was for personal gain at my expense.

Looking into the mirror, into our own eyes, into the truth of our own souls when we have sinned against God by sinning against others is the hardest thing that we will ever do. So most of the time, we do not want to go there. We do not want to admit that we are capable of such malice and destruction against another person. We forget the very core of Jesus’ teachings about honoring one another, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and that the greatest thing we can do is truly love each other. We are weak. And without having a true look inside, we will never get to the point of being at peace with God and living in peace with others.

I’ve questioned God, had become angry because He allowed these situations in my life like Joseph faced when his brothers betrayed him and purposefully tried to cause him harm, then lied about it for many years. One day, they had to eventually meet face to face with the sin they had done. Joseph could have thrown them in prison, giving them their just reward. But he realized the greater plan and the good that God intended to carry out through him and the position he was now in that was going to benefit many lives and plow the path for the Nation of Israel. His experience shaped him into a better person than he would have been, allowed him to earn wisdom, follow after God’s own heart and path for his life, and to be in a position that would be even greater than if he had taken the easy life. I look at the choices I could have made to bring justice to those who wronged me. I could have brought legal action against some, but for whatever reason, God was asking me to let them go, to let the situation go, and that He would work it all out in the end and always take care of me.

Sometimes the people and situations in our lives are so hard for us to bear. We cry out to God every moment for relief and resolve, but it seems like it will never happen. We can’t believe He is allowing sometimes “good people” to get away with murder! For all intensive purposes, Joseph’s brothers believed that they had gotten away with murder! How it must have eaten them up inside all those years. Although God allows this and we don’t understand why, He is working out His greater plan for our lives, teaching us things we wouldn’t learn otherwise. We pray “God help me to know you more” but do we realize what that will actually take? Our relationship with God is not deepened without these kind of experiences. And during these times, it feels as though God is the farthest He has ever been to us. Others look at us and think “there must be some sin in this person’s life to be getting this kind of misfortune and punishment from God, or they aren’t trusting and praying enough.” But being in God’s will is not always the path of least resistance. Somehow we’ve been fooled with religious folklore that if we are in God’s will, it should come easily. But as we see in many stories in the Bible, that is not always the way God moves.

There are many times I could have, and even wanted to carry out justice with the people who have wronged me in some way throughout my life. But I have come to the place where I am truly thankful for the experiences and situations God has put me through in order to know Him and desire Him more than anything in my life, to become so focused on Him that none of the pain I was going through mattered anymore. It became all about Him. It became a “Sweet Tragedy”. Thus, the groundwork and message of the album “Oh Sweet Tragedy – anthems from the ashes” which never would have happened without these experiences. I had lived the Christian life my whole life, thinking I had surrendered all and knew God as much as I was supposed to. But when I was put through some very dark and painful times, I found that I really didn’t know anything and that there is so much more to God than the average Christian life experiences. And even though those who hurt me meant it for harm, God meant it for my good in order for me to gain the deep and closer relationship I have with Him now, and to affect others with what I’ve gained through it all. “Oh Sweet Tragedy!” – Sonia V.


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